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DJ Mixer Reviews

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DJ Mixer Review

What is a DJ Mixer?

A DJ mixer takes two audio signals and blends them into one. There are many DJ audio mixers on the market. In our review of DJ mixers, we compared entry to mid-level mixers that have multiple onboard effects. Side-by-side comparisons can assist you in identifying a robust and long-lasting DJ music mixer that meets your needs.

Many of the mixers we reviewed are versatile and appropriate for more than one type of audio mixing. The different kinds of DJ music mixer equipment to consider include club mixers, scratch mixers and general mixers. Our Learning Center contains articles on DJ mixers that may help guide your choice. Both our ranking and reviews gives information that will help you compare the best DJ mixers. If you love to keep the crowd on their feet, entertain at weddings or are a simply home DJ, you may find valuable information in our DJ music mixer review.

The hardest task a DJ has is the choosing the right DJ equipment. There are many DJ audio mixers available on the market. Choosing the wrong DJ equipment can leave a DJ in musical ruins, while the right one can propel a person's DJ career forward at an astonishing speed. Our top rated DJ mixers are the Denon DJ DN-X1600, Pioneer DJM-700 and the Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000.

DJ Mixer: What to Look For

At minimum, a DJ mixer must have two channels. The channels are for your turntables and other portable audio devices. Additionally, the DJ audio mixer must come with adjustable EQ, headphone jacks and some type of fader.

The crossfader is one of the most important components. This is especially true if the DJ is looking to perform scratch mixing or play Hip-hop. There are many types of crossfaders. Their types include mechanical, magnetic, optical, and more. Some crossfaders wear out faster than others do. When this occurs, the sound signal bleeds through both channels and alters the sound quality of the DJ mixer. The best DJ audio mixers have replaceable crossfaders.

EQ (equalizer) controls allow the filtering the different audio signals. Filters affect the low/mid/high audio frequencies. DJ equipment can use a variety of methods to adjust, strengthen or weaken an audio signal. The best DJ music mixer implements multiple equalization methods.

Inputs & Outputs
The DJ audio mixer is the single point of contact for all of a user's DJ equipment. Music source materials go through and come out of the device. All high quality mixers have multiple input and output terminals. The input jacks connect CD players, MP3 players, phonos, USB devices, microphones and more. Inputs can be dedicated or switchable. Headphones, recording and balancing are some of the common types of outputs.

Onboard Effects
In our review of DJ mixers, we looked at devices equipped with multiple onboard effects. Some DJ music mixers have none, while others have many. Some standard effects to consider include cuts, breaks, samples and loops. Other common onboard effects are echo, delay, phaser, flanger, reverb, distortion, grind and more. An audio mixer's operation manual usually gives detailed information about each onboard effect and its use.

General Features
When selecting a DJ music mixer, it is important to consider the mixer's power requirements, size and portability. Before purchasing, the user should evaluate the construction of the music mixer. Things to assess are heavy-duty construction from quality materials, logical knob placement, backlighting, legible text on the button labeling, durability and color options.

DJ audio mixers perform a variety of tasks. The user needs to evaluate the type of DJ equipment they need to cater to the music tastes of their audience. The best DJ mixers are suitable for a variety of environments that can include both small and large events. The music mixer should function equally well at indoor parties, outdoor events, nightclubs, weddings and more. Music genre and taste preferences are other factors to evaluate. Hip-hop requires a scratch mixer, the nightclub scene often requires a club audio mixer that is capable of making subtle fades. Some will want the best of both worlds and choose a general mixer.

No matter what type of DJ audio mixer you choose, the best mixer is the one that meets your needs. 

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