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Denon DJ DN-X1600 Review

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PROS / The audio mixer has both analog and digital capabilities.

CONS / The DJ equipment's numerous features could overwhelm beginning users.

 VERDICT / The DJ mixer delivers amazing sound quality.

The Denon DJ DN-X1600 4-channel DJ mixer earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award because of its studio quality components, MIDI controls, and V-LINK interface functionality. These features easily propel this mixer past the competition in our DJ Mixer review.

V-LINK is an open protocol developed by Roland Corporation. The protocol allows music devices to interact with visual display devices. This interchange occurs via a MIDI connection that links two or more V-LINK compatible devices. This element of the DJ mixer not only entertains the user with music but can also hold them spellbound with tantalizing music-synchronized visual effects.

The Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer is also Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO certified. Only robust high-quality audio mixers receive this distinguished award. To receive the honor, the music mixer must come equipped with an integrated cutting-edge sound card that provides a seamless interface for a TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO software setup. Additionally, the Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ equipment can work with vinyl, CD, digital files as well as software apps via a laptop connection and USB storage devices. The DJ mixer's MIDI control comes with robust functionality and can connect to any Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS laptop.

The Denon DJ DN-X1600 audio mixer produces high-quality sound that stays true to the music source. Sound preservation occurs via an internal 32-bit Floating DSP (digital signal processor) and a 32-bit DAC output (digital to analog converter).The power supply uses a hefty electrolytic capacitor. This component of the music mixer interacts with film capacitors, and robust metal film resistors. The result is a clear sounding audio mix.


The DJ mixer has independent 3-band isolator EQs with full kill capabilities (high/mid/low) capabilities. The equalizers have a variable crossover frequency. The Denon DJ DN-X1600 audio mixer has 45mm crossfader (Flex Fader) that is equipped with A/B cut position and tension adjustment. The DJ can easily modify the crossfader's slide torque to obtain desired tension and resistance settings. However, most users report that the crossfader feels smooth, robust and requires little to no adjustments.

The DJ equipment has a myriad of channel assignment capabilities. It has four main faders for source material and has 60-mm dust-free Alps-type long stroke channel faders. This audio mixer can stream 24-bit, 96K audio through the four faders. Additionally, one fader can manage analogue audio, switch to digital audio and then flip the entire stream into MIDI control. All of these capabilities make the Denon DJ DN-X1600 an impressive and outstanding DJ mixer.

Other features of this excellent music mixer include fader contour control for channel and crossfader, fader start function (channel/crossfader), crossfader assignment function and more.

Onboard Effects

The Denon DJ DN-X1600 is a full digital DJ mixer. The music mixer supports 96 KHZ/32-bit digital to analog conversion. A USB MIDI In/Out and 5-pin DIN MIDI output terminal can synchronize external devices. The music mixer has a fully mappable MIDI controller for use with computer applications that support MIDI over USB. Four USB (PC/Mac compatible) I/F soundcard connectors perform both input and output functions. These USB connectors connect the computer and other USB storage devices.

Inputs for the Denon DJ DN-X1600 are highly configurable. Input assignment takes the form of an input matrix. The matrix allows the user to switch to any of the available four channels. Avail input sources include five CD/line inputs, three (RCA ) phono inputs and two (XLR and ¼ inch jack) microphone inputs that have ducking level and attack time control.

The DJ equipment has a microphone amplifier that has a discrete transistor construction. The microphone amplifier delivers a low noise level of 126 dB. The phono amplifier S/N ratio is 89 dB.
The DJ mixer has selectable digital output (44.1/48/96KHz). Outputs consist of two (balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA) master outputs, one (RCA) REC, four fader output terminals and one (balanced 1/4" jack) booth output. The DJ equipment also has 16-Point LED for channel and output metering.


The Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer comes with two independent effects engines and fourteen separate onboard effects. All effects are assignable to any channel. These effects include delay, echo, trans, flanger, filter, phaser, reverb, loop, reverse loop, pitch shift, and beat breaker. Denon DJ has also created their own proprietary sound effects that include ping-pong, delay, echo reverb and beat scratch.

The audio mixer has nine pre-programmed sequences that are available. Each sequence requires the user to pay close attention to the effect's wet/dry control. Each effect section of the audio mixer is simultaneously or individually assignable to the audio mixer's main output signal and main channel faders.

The BPM (beats per minute) of the current playing track links and controls all of the audio mixer's onboard effects. This process is fine for some of the DJ mixer's onboard effects but gets in the way when the DJ desires to implement a low pass filter sweep. Other than this minor flaw, most users feel that the effects section of the Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer is amazing.

General Features

The Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer has a metal casing. The buttons are laid out in a spacious and uncluttered manner. Users report that all of the music mixer's controls feel logically positioned. Made from durable materials, the knobs rubberized texture makes them easy to grab and manipulate. Backlighting makes the text labels easy to read in dimly lit environments.


The Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer is well constructed. It is a versatile 4-channel digital audio mixer. The device has numerous features that could make it the perfect tool for both the professional and entry level DJ. However, some beginning DJs may find the audio mixer's features complex and overwhelming. For beginners, use of the DJ equipment could present a steep learning curve.

Once successfully mastered, the device is suitable as a club mixer, portable DJ mixer and scratch mixer. Both the paid professional and bedroom DJ may appreciate the audio mixer's diverse feature set. The music mixer can easily play hip-hop music, techno and electronic, rock and roll, pop as well as other music genres.


The 4-channel Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer has both digital and analog capabilities. The versatile and robust audio mixer can cater to a variety of settings and music genres. The music mixer is suitable for DJs of all levels. Although for less experienced people, learning to operate this Denon DJ equipment and its numerous features may present a challenge.